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Why Hire Us? Because Of Our Firm Philosophy

Aggressive Representation:

We pursue the largest possible recovery for each and every client. If we cannot do so by way of settlement, we are ready and willing to file a lawsuit on your behalf and to use the litigation process to build a convincing case for a jury. Many lawyers avoid the courtroom. As a result, they may settle your case for less than it is worth in order to avoid the work, expense or stress of a trial. Ultimately, however, experienced trial lawyers obtain the best settlements for their clients because the big insurance companies know that they have no leverage against a confident litigator who is not afraid of trial. Of course, most cases are settled without the need for a trial, but the best settlements are won by aggressive, experienced trial lawyers who are not afraid to go to trial if that is what it takes.

Honesty and Integrity:

Although we represent our clients aggressively, we also value honesty and integrity. There is no need to lie, cheat or steal to win a case. Telling the truth about how your injury has affected your life is all that a jury needs to hear.

Proven Results:

We believe the best results come through aggressive but honest representation and we have a solid track record of winning cases that proves it.

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Personal Service:

You have access to your attorney, and your entire legal team, at any time. Your legal team will be lead by a trial attorney and supported by paralegals, case managers and other staff who work together to obtain the best possible in each case.

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Level the Playing Field

You need a San Diego car accident lawyer who can go up against even the biggest of companies or corporations.

Gain the Upper-Hand

Claims-Filing Process

The claims filing process can be difficult especially if you have been injured. Let us effectively handle it for you.

Insurance Claims

Involved in an Accident?

Keep these helpful tips in mind immediately after a collision to help maximize your compensation.

After an Auto Crash
Have You Been Injured Due to Someone Else's Negligence? I See the Victim Behind the Accident. Learn How My Firm Can Help You.