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Injured in a rollover car accident in the San Diego area? Attorney Eugene G. Bruno can assist you with seeking compensation from the negligent party. Call for a free case evaluation!
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Rollover Accident Attorney in San Diego

San Diego Rollover Accident Lawyer Can Help

Any auto accident has the potential to cause serious harm to the vehicle occupants; a rollover accident, however, possesses an increased propensity for catastrophic, debilitating and fatal injuries. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs), because of their height and high center of gravity, have a proclivity for tipping and rolling. Legislation regarding the requisite roof strength was set in the late 1970s before SUVs were popularized; because of this, most SUVs do not have adequate roof strength in relation to their size, despite meeting the mandated minimum.

Seeking Compensation from Auto Manufacturers

Auto makers are well-aware of the substantially higher incidence of rollover accidents in SUVs, and they are also well-aware of the heightened risk of catastrophic injury in SUV rollover accidents. This knowledge, however, has not prompted sufficient, if any, action to rectify the safety issues. When a company manufactures a product that is knows to be unsafe, that company should, without contestation, be held responsible for the damages caused by an accident. Unfortunately, auto makers ignore these safety issues because are looking out for their own profit margins instead of their customers. For this same reason, car companies are especially aggressive when fighting a compensation claim.

Often, rollover accident victims who do not retain skilled legal counsel are offered low ball settlements, which do little to cover medical expenses and lost income, let alone compensate for pain and suffering. Victims who attempt to negotiate or litigate on their own will face a team of highly-trained accident investigators, medical experts, insurance adjustors and defense attorneys. At the Law Office of Eugene Bruno, San Diego car accident lawyer Eugene Bruno has stood up against auto corporations countless times to fight for the just compensation his clients deserve.

Get Help from an Auto Accident Lawyer in San Diego, CA

Attorney Eugene Bruno is well-acquainted with ways in which auto companies and their legal teams confront, exploit and manipulate accident victims. For more than 30 years, he has ardently represented clients who have sustained serious injuries in preventable accidents. Do not compromise your health or your future. Call the office today to schedule an initial consultation at no charge.

Contact a San Diego car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno if you or someone you love has suffered critical injuries after an SUV rollover accident.

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