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Denied Insurance Claims Attorney San Diego

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Like many corporations, insurance companies are notoriously profit-driven. Given that every paid claim detracts from their profit, it is in their best interest to deny as many claims as legally possible. Sometimes, however, the legality of the denial is questionable or even outright illegal.

Insurance companies retain the right to review and assess the validity of a claim before providing compensation. Although the process was designed to counter or prevent insurance fraud, it also can be wrongfully used by the insurance company to deny valid claims. Should this happen to you, you will need the strong and aggressive legal counsel of San Diego auto accident attorney Eugene Bruno. Insurance companies must abide by certain legal requirements and guidelines when denying claims; if the criteria have not been met, the insurance company is acting in bad faith and legal recourses should be explored.

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What can I do if my claim was denied?

At Eugene Bruno & Associates we are dedicated to ensuring that accident victims receive the full compensation that they deserve. If your claim has been denied without regard to the law, you will need to gather all of your medical and insurance documents for your lawyer to review. It may be possible to sue the insurance company for breach of contract, unlawful violations of insurance laws and/or bad faith practices. Call the office today to schedule a free consultation!

Attorney Bruno is a highly skilled and unrelenting litigator who has handled thousands of cases throughout his impressive career spanning 3 decades. When your rights are violated, your future is put at stake. Protect both with the guidance and representation of an experienced professional!

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