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Karl Britt

Soul Savers Ministry

Karl Britt frequently preaches that God took his broken life of violence and drug addition and put it all back together again. That broken life led to 171/2 years of incarceration in Level 4 penitentiaries where Karl was housed with some of California’s most violent criminals. Alone 22 hours per day in a windowless cell, Karl reflected on his life and the decisions that led him to that place. Karl says he was a “lifetime liar” who had spent half his life addicted to drugs. He knew he had to make big life changes and he turned to his faith in Jesus Christ. When he stopped neglecting his faith, Karl’s attitude — and soon his entire life — began to turn around. “Krazy Karl” stopped acting crazy and instead he started ministering to his fellow inmates by organizing Bible study groups.

After being paroled in 2013, Karl started Soul Savers Outreach Ministry to tend to provide spiritual support and outreach to the poor, the homeless, and others in the street community. This is an underserved and neglected community and has been among the hardest hit by COVID-19. In addition to providing regular faith services and Bible study groups, Soul Savers serves the community by helping impoverished and disabled seniors obtain renters assistance through various renters assistance programs.

Bruno & Associates is happy to provide encouragement and support to Karl’s ministry in the form of a $500 stipend to Soul Savers. Karl plans to use the money to continue to provide outreach and other assistance to underserved communities safely during the pandemic.

To learn more about Karl’s story, his podcast “Do I Offend You” can be found here.

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