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If you have been injured in a car accident, a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer can assist you in fighting the insurance company for the full injury compensation you deserve.
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Making the Big Insurance Companies Treat You Fairly Auto Accident Lawyer in San Diego

Following an accident, victims often are hurt, confused, and angry. It is a time when you may be very vulnerable and easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or other accident, the first few days after the accident is a critical time to protect your rights and ensure that you will be fairly compensated for your injury. Remember, the big insurance companies are NOT on your side. The big insurance companies will do whatever it takes to protect their profits, even if it means cheating you out of the compensation you deserve. Do NOT speak to an insurance adjuster before you have consulted a San Diego car accident lawyer whose job it is to protect your rights.

I have seen the big insurance companies use many tricks and tactics to avoid paying for a client’s injury. Know your rights and be wary of the big insurance companies.

Below are some of the more common tricks of the big insurance companies:

They will pretend to be on your side

The insurance adjuster may appear to be sympathetic. He or she may promise you that the insurance company will treat you fairly and compensate you fairly. He or she may offer to settle your case right away. Remember, the big insurance companies are NOT on your side. These tricks are designed to get you NOT to hire a lawyer.

They will tell you do not need a lawyer

Insurance industry studies show that accident victims who retain an lawyer receive SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER SETTLEMENTS than those without a lawyer. Insurance adjusters may tell you that it's an open and shut case, that a lawyer can't or won't help your case, or that hiring a lawyer will only delay settlement. These things are not true and are designed to get you NOT to hire a lawyer. Beware anyone telling you that you don't need a lawyer.

They will try to minimize your injuries

The insurance adjuster may tell you that your injuries are not as severe as you think, or that the insurance company doctor has already decided the amount of compensation for your injury. The big insurance companies do NOT "know best" when it comes to your injuries.

They will delay your claim

Insurance companies will use a variety of tactics, such as switching adjusters, just to delay your claim. In the end, they're hoping you'll get tired of their games and just go away.

These are only some of the tactics I’ve seen over the past several years. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR HEALTH. You may be facing months or even years of medical treatment for an injury that was not your fault. Protect yourself from unscrupulous insurance companies. Hire an experienced accident lawyer.

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