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What If My Dog Was Bit By Another Dog?


Dogs are mysterious creatures. They can act all lovey one minute and the next they are showing signs of aggression. When introducing dogs into a dog park setting it is important to do so early in a dog’s life like when they are a puppy. Socializing your pet will help the dog understand who is ...

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Citizens Speak Out Against Proposed Chula Vista Dog Park


Dog owners across the country enjoy having a place where they can bring their pets to play with furry peers off-leash. Dog parks offer a fun—and ideally, safe— away for pooches to get a chance to roam around and interact with other dogs. With many cities or county parks not permitting dogs on site, or ...

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Steps to Take Following a Chula Vista Dog Bite Attack


Being bitten by a dog in Chula Vista can change your thinking about man’s best friend in a heartbeat. Even the people who are enamoured the most with dogs could see their perception change after an attack. Dogs can be vicious and it can happen on a dime and without warning. If you are ever ...

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Police Dog Attack In California: ‘How To Determine If I Was A Victim Of Police Abuse And Excessive Force?’


Being attacked and/or bit by a dog is a terrifying experience. But being attacked by a police dog in California can result in life-threatening injuries or even death. Let’s admit it, if you have ever walked near a K-9 police dog in San Diego or elsewhere in California, you probably wondered once or twice, “What ...

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Dog Bite 101


With Summer just around the corner, everyone will be outdoors more and there will be more interactions between humans and dogs. The vast majority of those interactions will be fun and friendly, but some will result in dog bites. In the United States, every year, about 800,000 people require medical treatment after a dog bite. ...

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