CPSC: 70 Percent of Swimming Pool Drowning Victims are Children Under 5
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Category: Premises Liability

CPSC: 70 Percent of Swimming Pool Drowning Victims are Children Under 5


Summertime and swimming pools seemingly go hand in hand, but swimming pool accidents can detract from that fun, turning a day at the pool into a nightmare. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), nearly 70 percent of victims in swimming pool or spa drownings are children age 5 or younger—underscoring the need for ...

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A Tree Fell On A Woman, The City Pays $1 Million


This story last month has us questioning the safety of Escondido’s sidewalks. The first incident they highlight is a payout to a woman who was walking with her boyfriend near the De Anza Cove a few years ago when a tree fell on her. It crushed her leg, fractured her spine, and lacerated her face. ...

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Can A California Property Owner Escape Liability By Shifting Blame To Third Parties?


A short answer is: He or she might, but there are quite a few “non-delegable duties” that cannot be transferred to third parties in a premises liability case. But let’s start with the basics first. How does California’s premises liability law work? Under the law, owners and/or occupiers of property are liable for injuries caused ...

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Filing A Premises Liability Claim As An Independent Contractor Injured On The Hirer’s Property


It often happens that independent contractors sustain injuries on the property of the party who hired them. But what does California’s premises liability law say about these situations? It is true that a scenario in which an independent contractor gets injuries on the property of the party who hired him or her usually results in ...

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California Premises Liability: Who’s Liable If You Are Injured On A Bus, Train Or Subway Station?


You never know what is going to happen when you are at a bus station or subway platform. Certainly, all of us hope that we will arrive at our destination safely, and that is what happens in 99 percent of the time, but let’s not ignore the fact that slip and fall and other premises ...

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