Bus Crash on the Highway Sends 25 to the Hospital
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Category: Bus Accident

Bus Crash on the Highway Sends 25 to the Hospital


Do you use a bus on a regular basis? Whether you do or not, one thing you probably expect is for all of the buses on the roadway to be safe. Think about how many buses cross our city on a daily basis and imagine the potential for damage if something goes wrong with them. ...

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Immunities And Limitations That Apply When Suing A Public Entity For A Bus Accident


As you may or may not know, in certain circumstances, you – as an injured bus passenger – may be entitled to seek compensation for your damages not only from the negligent bus driver and/or bus company, but also a public entity. As opposed to suing a private entity that operates the bus on which ...

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Closing The Door On Passengers And Other Situations In Which Bus Drivers Are Liable


We have all been in that situation when you get hit by the doors on a bus or you felt as if you were nearly hit by the doors as you squeezed into a crowded bus. Or that awkward situation when you nearly fell when the bus driver started the bus before you were safely ...

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Charter Bus Safety


Even those of us who fly only occasionally are familiar with the safety instructions given by flight attendants before take off. Why don’t we get similar safety instructions in motorcoaches, like Greyhound or buses that take us on school or charter trips? Why aren’t buses required to have safety lighting that would enable you to ...

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