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Can distracted driving cause blindness?


Ok, not real blindness. But it can cause something psychologists call intentional blindness, which is the failure to notice something because you weren’t expecting to see it and you were focusing on something else. It explains why you don’t notice what is right in front of you. Over the years, I have heard the same ...

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We have the technology to stop drunk driving


It used to be that vehicles did not have seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, or air bags. When these technologies were new, some people questioned whether they were needed and whether they would really make us safer. Now we know these technologies save countless lives every year. Today, there is even newer and better technology, including technology ...

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Wearable Technology and Your Privacy


Wearable technology (activity/fitness trackers such as FitBit®) and health/wellness smartphone apps that measure, record and/or track movement, steps, physical activities, sleep, heart rate, biometrics, etc. can be another source of information that can be used against you in your injury case.  For example, if you claim that your injuries force you to limit your activities ...

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Be Careful About What You Post Online


What is the connection between a car accident and social media?  The answer may surprise you.  Insurance companies want access to your social media.  They want to go through all of your photos.  They want to read all of your posts.  They want to find out who all of your friends are.  They are trying ...

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San Diego CHP Will be Cracking Down Over Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means a lot more drivers will be on the road over the three day weekend. Please drive safely, buckle up, and don’t drive under the influence. Remember, buzzed driving is still DUI. Also, make sure all child passengers are safely buckled up in car seats or booster ...

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Can You Get PTSD From a Car Accident?


PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that can occur after a person experiences a traumatic event or serious injury. It can occur in about half of all people who are injured in car accidents. PTSD may adversely affect your overall recovery following a car accident. Without treatment, PTSD can make it difficult to return ...

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