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San Diego CHP Will be Cracking Down Over Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means a lot more drivers will be on the road over the three day weekend. Please drive safely, buckle up, and don’t drive under the influence. Remember, buzzed driving is still DUI. Also, make sure all child passengers are safely buckled up in car seats or booster seats. Last year, 31 people died in car accidents in California and 78% of those killed were not wearing a seatbelt.

This weekend, CHP will be aggressively looking for distracted drivers and drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. CHP will begin its Maximum Enforcement Period starting Friday at 6 p.m. and ending at Midnight on Monday night. Last year, CHP arrested 854 drivers over Memorial Day weekend. That number will likely be higher this year due to more people being on the road with the relaxing of COVID restrictions. Designate a sober driver to avoid being targeted by CHP!

Drivers under the influence are a serious risk to themselves and everyone else on the road. We can all help reduce that risk by learning and using social strategies to prevent an impaired driver from getting behind the wheel such as:

  • Talking to friends, family and especially teen drivers about the risks of impaired driving
  • Being a designated sober driver
  • Avoid driving and instead use a rideshare to and from the festivities
  • Offering to call a rideshare for an impaired driver
  • Appointing a designated person to hold guests’ car keys during the festivities

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend and celebrate safely!

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