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If you or someone you love is suffering from a car accident, contact our San Diego car crash lawyer can help you and knows all too well the severe injuries victims sustain in a wrong way car accident.
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Wrong Way Accident Cause More Fatalities

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Navigating new city streets can be complicated, especially if they involve one-way streets. No matter what the GPS says it can really hard to understand exactly where the blue arrow wants you to go. If you have your GPS set to speak to you, sometimes the voice is delayed and tells you to turn after the turn. Or your phone may be in the middle of recalculating causing you to move through the streets in completely unknown ways until your phone can keep up with you. Despite the wrong way driving error, accidents involving wrong-way driving are relatively low. Yet, they can be the most deadly. Our San Diego car crash lawyers at the Eugene Bruno & Associates knows all too well the severe injuries victims sustain in a wrong way car accident.

Common Injuries

Like any car accident, if you are hit while driving you are more than likely going to get hurt in some way. However, there are certain kinds of accidents that create more injuries than others. Wrong way driving is one of those accidents with a high rate of severe injury and fatality. Because wrong-way drivers are more likely to cause head-on collisions, the injuries look different than if someone was rear-ended or sideswiped. Common wrong way accident injuries are:

  • Head trauma: head on collisions without wearing a seat belt is a recipe for getting ejected from the car which can result in catastrophic head injury.
  • Broken bones: Even if your airbags inflate, the impact can be so quick and severe you can break bones in your face, neck, or arms, amongst other bones.
  • Burn Injuries: Head on collisions can cause vehicles to catch on fire causing. This can cause you to experience burns or damage from inhaling smoke. Either can cause serious injury and life long scarring.
  • Mental Trauma: Thankfully the legal system is understanding the importance of mental health when considering doctor visits. Someone who survives a crash like this may need help in getting over the trauma of the accident. They may even need emotional help getting through recovery.

San Diego Freeway Data

San Diego Freeways are known as the most dangerous roads in California. Near 900 people have died on the San Diego Freeway. Around 350 people died from drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and 29 were attributed specifically to drinking and driving. The most dangerous stretch of the San Diego freeway is Interstate 8 at 120 deaths. It can be strongly suggested that few of these fatalities could also be attributed to wrong-way accidents.

What To Do

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