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What If My Dog Was Bit By Another Dog?

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Dogs are mysterious creatures. They can act all lovey one minute and the next they are showing signs of aggression. When introducing dogs into a dog park setting it is important to do so early in a dog’s life like when they are a puppy. Socializing your pet will help the dog understand who is or isn’t the enemy. However, even if you socialize your pet and take it to familiar places, there is always a chance that some other dog won’t like him or her. Our Chula Vista dog injury lawyers at the Eugene Bruno & Associates understand that as a pet owner your dog is your life. We also understand that even if you have had many dogs in your life, not every pet owner is like you. Not every dog owner is willing to be in the time, effort, and love like you. Some dog owners are more negligent. Some dog owners take more risks and unfortunately the rest of us have to pay for their reckless behaviour.

California Dog Laws

California’s Dog Attack laws are strict liability. This means that the owner is directly responsible for whatever attack their dog has on another person. The law states, “The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.” In translation, this means that dog owners are responsible only if their dog attacks another person. But what if a dog attacks another dog? What can a dog owner do if their beloved animal is attacked viciously by another dog?

Even though the law states that at fault dog attack owners are only responsible if the dog bites a person. Dogs are considered property, not a person. A good attorney would know that you can still get damages if your dog was bitten by another dog. Our Chula Vista dog injury attorneys can make sure that your dog is taken care of because we have the skill and experience to protect your property.

T-Bone’s story

It was an early Friday morning when T-Bone, a small “cha-weenie” mix sat on his front porch enjoying the day unknowing that this day would change his life. Three pit-bulls, who escaped the neighbour’s yard, attacked T-Bone. The owner was able to tear T-Bone away from the pit-bull and rush him to the vet. The surgery and recovery plan would cost $6,660. The vet couldn’t start work without a hefty down payment. The owner of the pit-bulls should pay the bill, but T-Bone’s owner was lost on what to do.

What To Do

If you or someone you are suffering from a dog, or if your pet is suffering from a dog bite, it is important to get legal assistance. We can help. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at the Eugene Bruno & Associates in Chula Vista today.

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