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If you or someone you love is suffering from a motorcycle accident injury, contact our San Diego motorcycle accident attorney can aggressively advocate for you to receive the compensation you deserve.
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Not All Motorcycle Accident Victims Die

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People who choose riskier vehicles should not feel penalized for choosing them. Just because you like to live your life a little closer to the wild side does not mean that you do not deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Our San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys the Eugene Bruno & Associates have heard the story too many times. Motorcyclists get into an accident and the person who hit the motorcyclists refuses to take the blame. Drivers will often plead that they “never saw” the motorcycle, but that is no excuse when someone is bloody and bruised in the hospital. Our San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys believe that you are not at fault or you are at least not 100% at fault. We believe that people get unfairly blamed all the time. When you have our San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorneys by your side we will do all we can to gather the truth and explain it.

Motorcycle Statistics

According to the 2017 Annual California Report on Traffic Safety, there was an increase of fatalities from 2015 to 2016 of about 7%. Motorcycle accidents increased by 11%. That means more people are dying on the streets for choosing to ride a motorcycle. Yes, not all accidents are blameless. Yes, there is an increasing amount of drunk motorcyclists causing more fatalities. However, when it comes to a motorcycle versus a car, sometimes there is a gray area. If there is a gray area then you need our attorneys to help clearly define what is or is not your liability. Whether a victim survives or dies, an attorney is needed to make sure that accountability is held by the responsible party.

Even though motorcycle fatalities have increased, many are suffering from severe injuries. Some severe injuries that are not fatal include broken bones, road burn, possible amputation of a limb, head injury, and internal bleeding. If emergency medic teams can reach the victim in time, those injuries may be life-changing, but they don’t have to be life ending. For example, early one morning a motorcyclist was hit near Rancho Bernardo intersection. The rider was taken to the hospital with a severe leg injury. He is expected to survive.

What We Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from motorcycle accident injury then we can aggressively advocate for you to receive the compensation you deserve. We get it. Motorcyclists do take extra risk in driving a vehicle with little to no protective surroundings. Even if you wear all the protective gear it is not the same as having the structure of the car. Yet, that should not be held against you in court. You should still receive the care you need from the person that hit you.

Our job, as your attorneys, is to investigate, tell the truth, and get you the financial support necessary to help you recover from our injury, loss of wages, and transportation to and from medical appointments. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at the Eugene Bruno & Associates in San Diego today.

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