Caltrans Adding Wrong Way Warning System
Car accidents can cause a great deal of injury that influences your daily commitments such as work and family. Contact a car accident lawyer in San Diego CA Eugene G. Bruno is to ensure that you are getting the proper compensation for the injuries you sustained.
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Caltrans Adding Wrong Way Warning System

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Driving is a complicated process. You have to check mirrors, speed, directions, stay in the lane, use proper turning signals, get the temperature right, get the tunes right, and resist looking at your phone. This is all if you are driving on a highway. Think about driving in city streets with stop signs and stop lights. Driving is complicated and requires a lot of attention. When we stop to think about our brains have to do while we drive it is amazing how second nature everything comes to us; it is like muscle memory. Every morning people get into their cars before they are even fully awake and somehow get to work without injuring themselves or others.

Our car accident lawyer San Diego CA at Eugene Bruno & Associates get a very different story when it comes to driving. We get painful stories with powerful and horrific images of lives ruined, changed forever, or lost. We believe that these images and stories are reminders of how important it is to drive our cars with caution and alert behaviour. Yet, every day we all make common errors on the road. We run through yellows or roll through stop signs on roads we know are rarely travelled. The truth is we just don’t know. We don’t know if today is the day a pedestrian walks through the stop sign or if that yellow is going to turn red quicker than we thought. Accidents happen on a daily basis. Some accidents are more tolerable than others; however, when it comes to wrong way accidents the fatality increases.

Tale Of A Wrong Way Driver

San Diego has seen its fair share of fatal wrong-way accidents. For example, a wrong way driver collided with an oncoming Uber car around 2:30 AM on a Friday night. The wrong way driver was killed on the scene alongside the back passenger of the Uber car. The Uber driver was hospitalized with serious injuries. It is unclear how long the wrong way driver was driving the wrong way or if drugs or alcohol were involved. Statistically, 8 out of 9 times wrong way drivers are under the influence of something. Typically accidents like these occur on off-ramps, late at night, or early in the dawn hours.

Because of the severity of wrong-way accidents, Caltrans system started testing a warning system to alert police and other drivers of a possible wrong way driver near them. Over a four-month period the warning system as alerted 102 times. The system is proving positive at alerting, but more needs to be done to prevent the wrong way driver from turning the wrong way, to begin with.

What To Do

Car accidents can cause a great deal of injury that influences your daily commitments such as work and family. Our job at Eugene Bruno & Associates is to ensure that you are getting the proper compensation for the injuries your sustained. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at the Eugene Bruno & Associates in San Diego today.

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