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If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog and suffered an injury contact our San Diego personal injury attorney at the Eugene Bruno & Associates has the resources and expertise in being a strong and aggressive advocate for you during this trying time.
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Dog Attacks Due To Neglect

Posted By Eugene Bruno & Associates Posted in: Personal Injury.


Dog food and toys are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you have ever enjoyed a walk through a dog park you can tell that all of those dogs are not for wanting. From the small to large, all dogs have their particular kind of needs. For example, the Australian Shepard, with its gorgeous coat is one of the neediest dogs of all the dog. It was bred to herd animals on a ranch. Its speed and agility are by far one of the best, but they are awful when they are left alone. If you don’t give these breeds the opportunity to run and interact with you then they will not be on their best behavior.

The second neediest dog is a Labrador Retriever. Most noted for its ability to hunt and retrieve, Labrador Retrievers are also terrible alone. They need lots of attention and love to keep their sanity. Even the dogs that are the most low maintenance like the American Bulldog or Basset Hound must have the basics met in order to act in a normal way. Dogs require special care, but if all their basics are met like they are provided with adequate food, water, and some tender, love, and care then your dog is on its way to being the best it can be. For those whose basic needs are not met then expect a different kind of reaction.

Neglect Leads To Death

When animals are not fed the right amount of water and food it can lead them to live on survival mode. When animals are in survival mode they act in ways that people may consider inhumane. For example, in San Diego, two pit bulls found a way to break free from their current home through a gap in a fence into the neighbor’s yard. The neighbors were an older couple. The dogs attacked a 75-year old woman. The result of the attack landed the 75-year old in the hospital where her left leg was amputated and then after some time her right leg was amputated as well. She eventually died and the husband is suing the owners of the pit bulls stating that she would still be here had she not be traumatized by the dog attacks.

The two pit bulls were euthanized. It was discovered that the 21-year old owner neglected her dogs. She did not feed or water them enough. They were not housed properly and therefore they were unable to act in a civil way. Neglected animals lead to tragic behavior and the owner should take full responsibility for that.

What To Do

If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog and suffered an injury then you deserve compensation for that injury. Our Personal Injury Attorneys at the Eugene Bruno & Associates in San Diego have the resources and expertise in being a strong and aggressive advocate for you during this trying time. Call 888-278-6688 or click here to speak with our professionals and discover how we can get you the justice you deserve.

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