San Diego’s Distracted Drivers Are Causing Accidents
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San Diego’s Distracted Drivers Are Causing Accidents

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We all love getting into our vehicles and using them to get around. We wake up every morning and use them to get to the destination of our job or school to drop off our kids. We choose vehicles that best fit our personality. If we are lucky then we get to choose options like paint color or tinting windows to more personalize our vehicles. We name our vehicles to show how much attachment we have to them. Because of this, we get really comfortable sitting in our cars. We get comfortable driving our cars we know all the secrets to keeping our car running safe and sound. However, as much as get comfortable without a car, we also get comfortable with our driving patterns.

When we drive the same route to work every day, it becomes routine. We start to get comfortable which means we start to get distracted. These distractions come in the form of getting lost in thoughts, playing with cell phones or other technological devices, eating, putting on makeup, playing with the radio, or rummaging around the car. These actions cause drivers to stop watching the road if only for a few seconds which can cause fatal accidents.

Helpful Distracted Driving Information

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month in California. It is a month where police force on the road cracks down on people who are driving without 100% focus on the road. Police officers are open with what they see on the road every day. From their point of view, drivers who text or talk and drive look like drunk drivers. Police can tell a drunk driver by how they swerve in and out of lanes, speed up or slow down, or run stop signs. They see these behaviors and they assume that someone is under the influence when really the driver is just distracted by their phone.

It is suggested that nationwide 3,477 people die from distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saw that 391,000 crashes were caused by cell phone usage. But cars were not the only thing affected by distracted drivers, pedestrians were hurt too. Around 551 pedestrians and bicyclists were hit and or killed by a distracted driver. Thankfully according to efforts like the April Distracted Driving Awareness month and legislation controlling technology in the car, accidents have been on the decline, However, just because the quantity of the accidents declines doesn’t mean that the accidents that do occur are less traumatic.

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