Senior Driver Safety
The DMV’s website has a list of warning signs to look out for when assessing if an elderly adult should stop driving.
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Senior Driver Safety

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Driving means independence and we all want to continue to drive as long as we can. Senior drivers tend to be among the safest drivers on the road mainly because of their experience and general risk avoidance. However, as we age, some of us may notice changes that affect our driving ability to the point where our driving may be unsafe. DMV wants the public to be aware that we should talk to the seniors we love about their driving skills and safety.

The DMV’s website has a list of warning signs to look out for when assessing if an elderly adult should stop driving. If you recognize one or more of these signs, you or someone you know may be an unsafe driver:

– Review the following warning signs to see if
– Feeling uncomfortable, nervous, angry, or fearful while driving.
– Dents and scrapes on the car, fences, mailbox, garage doors, curbs, etc.
– Drifting across lane markers or into other lanes.
– Getting lost in familiar places.
– Ignoring signs and signals.
– Driving too slow or fast.
– Frequent “close calls” or collisions.
– Late braking.
– Difficulty judging gaps in traffic.
– Other drivers often honk at you.
– Friends or relatives not wanting to ride with you.
– Being easily distracted or having a hard time concentrating while driving.
– Difficulty turning your head to check over your shoulder when backing or changing lanes.
– Getting frequent traffic tickets or warnings from law enforcement officers.
– Having difficulty finding your parked vehicle.

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