Citizens Speak Out Against Proposed Chula Vista Dog Park
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Citizens Speak Out Against Proposed Chula Vista Dog Park

Posted By Eugene Bruno & Associates Posted in: Dog Bite.


Dog owners across the country enjoy having a place where they can bring their pets to play with furry peers off-leash. Dog parks offer a fun—and ideally, safe— away for pooches to get a chance to roam around and interact with other dogs. With many cities or county parks not permitting dogs on site, or not permitting them to go off-leash, people with dogs have been fighting to have fenced-in dog parks put in place in their neighborhoods so that their pups will have a place where they can frolic freely. However, the citizens residing in Coronado are speaking out against a proposed new dog park being placed on the island.

Space limitations may be an issue

Coronado is a small beach community located on a peninsula with limited space resources. Coronado has dozens of parks, but only a handful allow dogs on the premises, and of those, none of them allow unleashed dogs to roam within their boundaries. This situation has led dog-owning citizens to request a dog park be put in place, or that one of the parks be converted to a dog park. However, other citizens are pushing back.

Safety is a chief concern, especially among parents

Some of the residents of Coronado who oppose the proposed dog park have stated that safety is their chief concern and that this concern fuels them to vocalize their opposition to the proposed plan. The proposed dog park would have been built on the grounds of a local child development center—an idea many parents found appalling due to safety concerns. Although the park would have been fenced in to keep canines away from the small children next-door, parents’ fears of dogs jumping the fence, digging under them, or otherwise escaping from the confines of the park and becoming a danger to children led to the proposal being shot down by the city council.

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