What Do You Do In A Uber/Lyft Accident?
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What do you do in a Uber/Lyft accident?

Posted By The Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno, P.C. Posted in: Car Accident, Rideshare Accident.


Ridesharing is a great alternative when you don’t have access to a vehicle or simply don’t want to drive. It’s extremely convenient and simple. Unfortunately anytime you get into a car you risk the chance of an accident. It comes very unexpectedly and you need to know how what to do. You hop into the Uber/Lyft like a normal day and you get into a car accident. Or a rideshare driver hits you. Even worse, you’ve been injured. Rideshare is fairly new and you’re not sure of the legal side of it. What are you supposed to do? Who can you sue? Do you sue Uber/Lyft or do you sue the driver? Who do you report to? You have to consider all of these things when you really need to focus on is recovering from your injury or injuries. More and more rideshare accidents are happening every day. Getting into an accident is scary and getting into an accident where you don’t know what to do after is even scarier. Here’s what you should do if you were injured by a rideshare driver or you’re rideshare driver caused an accident.

You’re Injured by a Rideshare Driver

It’s important to know the difference between being in a normal accident and one involving a rideshare driver. They take into account certain things. For example, they take into account whether the app is turned on and whether the driver is transporting passengers. If the driver has the app on but no passengers, then their policy or the rideshares policy will take effect. The rideshare companies contingent coverage will become active and will have $50,000/100,000 coverage for death or bodily injury. When the app is not on, then the driver’s personal insurance policy will take into effect. Uber/Lyft has insurance policies that cover up to $1 million in damages. This comes into effect as soon as the driver accepts a ride.

You’re a rideshare passenger and your driver caused it

In this scenario, you can make a claim directly against your driver. The 1 million dollar policy is still in effect as well since you are the passenger that needs to be picked up. This holds accurate unless you hail the driver, meaning that your ride was not pre-arranged through the app. You should never do this as it could cause you not to get coverage from your policy or the rideshare company policy. Also, if you’re injured and don’t have valid insurance coverage then the compensation you get can get will only be for medical expenses. It doesn’t include other non-economic expenses such as pain and suffering or disability.

When you get into any San Diego car accident it can be terrifying and confusing . Especially when it involves a rideshare driver and you may not know the laws surrounding it since it’s such a new technology  Our San Diego car accident attorneys take these cases very seriously. You want someone who is not only an expert in car accidents but is an expert in rideshare accidents. The Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno, P.C. want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a no hassle consultation today using this contact form or call us at 888-278-6688.

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