Motorcycles May Actually Be Safer Than Cars, Here's Why
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Motorcycles May Actually Be Safer Than Cars, Here’s Why

Posted By Eugene Bruno & Associates Posted in: Motorcycle Accident.


It may seem that a motorcycle is the least safe choice of transportation in the world, the one that will get you injured or killed faster than other motor vehicles out there, but this is not really true.

In San Diego and elsewhere in California, people are lucky to have motorcycle-friendly weather all year round, but many disregard the mere idea of purchasing a bike thinking that motorcycles are much more dangerous than passenger cars.

But are motorcycles actually more dangerous than ordinary cars? Our San Diego motorcycle accident attorney from the Eugene Bruno & Associates, P.C. does not think so. In fact, motorcycles may even be somewhat safer than cars or other vehicles. Let us explain why.

Motorcycles vs. cars: What’s more dangerous to drive (ride)?

Sure, it might seem ludicrous to draw a comparison between a motorcycle and car regarding the safety of occupants of the car versus the motorcyclist in a head-to-head collision. While a motorcyclist’s body is fully exposed to the impact, drivers and occupants of cars enjoy the privilege of being shielded from the impact by many layers of study metal and steel.

Other pro-car advocates may also argue that the four tires in ordinary cars provide extra stability compared to only two tires in motorcycles. But do these and other characteristics really make cars safer than motorcycles? Not necessarily. In fact, a motorcycle may be able to avoid a motor vehicle accident more efficiently than a passenger car. Here’s why.


Maneuverability is the first factor worth considering when determining the safety characteristics of cars and motorcycles. While the fat layers of study metal and those four tires do protect the car driver and the car’s passengers against an impact, they hinder the vehicle’s maneuverability. That is why motorcycles, which are far more maneuverable than passenger cars, have an upper hand when it comes to avoiding a collision.

After all, maneuverability plays a major role in a quick-decision moment when two vehicles are headed toward a collision and there is limited time and limited options to avoid that collision. Thus, the greater agility and acceleration ability in motorcycles make them safer than cars in that regard.

Field of vision

“Failure to see other motor vehicles in one’s blind spots is a common cause of car accidents in California,” says our experienced motorcycle accident attorney in San Diego. These blind spots further impede the car driver’s ability to observe the traffic when other objects enter the field of vision. These objects can include but are not limited to head rests, passengers in the car, and even dirty windows. Poor weather condition can bring additional obstruction to the driver’s field of vision.

Motorcyclists, on the other hand, can clearly see around the road by simply turning their head, as there are no obstructions to their vision (even a full helmet does not impede the biker’s ability to see the traffic.


This one may be up for a debate, but car drivers tend to be more likely to get distracted while operating the vehicle than motorcyclists. That may be because car drivers feel more protected inside the sturdy metal cage, which can seriously mess with their road immersion.

Motorcyclists, on the other hand, tend to be more likely to stay immersed in navigating the traffic. This can also be explained by the fact that motorcyclists cannot enjoy the comfort of riding a bike with a phone or cup (or a slice of pizza) in their hand. Texting, talking on the phone, drinking and eating are major distractions contributing to many motor vehicle collisions in California.

Does it mean that motorcyclists are never at-fault for accidents?

However, just because it makes sense to assume that motorcyclists are less likely to get distracted on the road, it does not necessarily mean that motorcyclists never cause motor vehicle collision by getting distracted. When it comes to establishing fault in a motorcycle accident, these general ideas about the safety of motorcycles and cars have little to no value.

Instead, it is crucial to contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to get a thorough investigation of your particular case. Schedule a free consultation with our best motorcycle accident lawyers in California at the Eugene Bruno & Associates, P.C. today. Call our offices at 888-278-6688 or fill out this contact form.

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