Shocking Personal Injury Settlement Statistics
Attorney Eugene Bruno discusses the shocking statistics of car accident claims and explains how you can protect your rights.
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Shocking Personal Injury Settlement Statistics

Posted By Eugene Bruno & Associates Posted in: Car Accident.


Recent insurance industry statistics show that 80% of all injury claims resulting from auto accidents settle for $5,000 or less, 90% settle for $15,000 or less, and that less than 1% settle for $100,000 or more.1

These statistics DO NOT reflect the severity of injuries resulting from auto accidents as much as they reflect the failure of many people to educate themselves about the claims process and how to maximize the compensation you may be entitled to under the law. I am a victim’s rights lawyer and I believe its time to fight the big insurance companies’ practice of undervaluing injury claims, especially Colossus and other claims management programs.

If you have been injured in an auto, motorcycle, or other accident, don’t hesitate to call to discuss your case with our lawyers. Learn what you can do to maximize your financial compensation. Learn the true value of your case.

1. These statistics are based on recent non-protected publications by the Insurance Research Council, Insurance Service Office (ISO), and Computer Science Corporation (manufacturer of the Colossus claims management program).

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