SR 67: A Dangerous Roadway
San Diego Car Accident Attorney Eugene G. Bruno discusses the potential dangers posed by the SR 67 roadway.
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SR 67: A Dangerous Roadway

Posted By Eugene Bruno & Associates Posted in: Car Accident.


Driving in California is unlike driving anywhere else. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are around 30 million licensed California drivers … more than any other state. We’ve also got more interstate freeways than any other state. But of the more than 2 million miles of roadway in California, 2 lane roadways are driven more than freeways in the Golden State … and they’re more dangerous too. According to The Road Information Program (TRIP), 77% of all fatal crashes occur on 2 lane roadways, such as State Route 67.

Since 1992, CHP has established a task force to assess high-collision safety corridors and make recommendations to improve safety. SR 67 is one such safety corridor and Caltrans has made numerous safety improvements, including requiring daytime headlights, additional CHP enforcement, radar speed signs, and rumble strips added to the center of much of the 16-mile stretch. Accidents on SR 67 have decreased 30% and DUI accidents have decreased 48%, but more needs to be done. 20 people have died in crashes along SR 67 in the past few years.

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in an auto or motorcycle accident on SR 67 or anywhere in San Diego County, feel free to call my office to find out about your right to compensation for your injury.

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