Jury Nullification
San Diego Attorney Eugene G. Bruno discusses jury nullification and how these verdicts can impact a victim's car accident case.
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Jury Nullification


The Daily Beast posted a very interesting article on jury nullification earlier this week. Jury nullification occurs when a jury disregards the law and delivers a verdict they feel represents real justice. In our legal system, juries serve only as “finders of fact,” whose role it is to determine the truthfulness of the evidence but ...

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Comparative Fault


Comparative fault is the legal principle that more than one party can be responsible for causing an injury. This principle allows fault to be divided among parties. For example, in a 2 car accident, the driver whose car was rear-ended by another car may have braked unnecessarily, thus contributing to the accident. The driver whose ...

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The Contingency Fee Agreement


The majority of my clients are individuals and families fighting against well-funded, powerful insurance companies. In most cases, my clients have been injuried as a result of someone else’s ngeligence. These clients come to me because the person who caused their injury has refused to accept responsibility for his wrongful conduct. “Liberty and justice for ...

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Why Lawyers Love Facebook


Lawyers love social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin because they can be evidentiary gold mines. Most people don’t think twice about posting personal information on these sites without realizing who may be viewing this information or how they may be using it. An injured client who posts photos of herself crossing the finish ...

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UT Discusses Cal Supreme Court Decision in Howell v. Hamilton Meats


For more info on last week’s disappointing decision from the California Supreme Court in the case of Howell v. Hamilton Meats, read Union Tribune reporter Greg Moran’s story. The case became one of the most closely watched among insurance companies and injury victim‘s lawyers in years because it answered the question whether an injury victim ...

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AB 52 Passes Senate Appropriations Committee


AB 52 would protect consumers and businesses by giving the Insurance Commissioner the power to reject excessive health insurance rate increases. It is a very important step in controlling spiraling health insurance costs....

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