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If you or someone you love is dealing with their part in a multiple auto collision, contact our personal injury attorney specializes in Auto Collision. He promises to fight for you aggressively and effectively.
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Multiple Auto Collisions Lead To Personal Injury


The roadway can be a very dangerous place. People are driving as safe as they can, but you can’t control what everyone is doing all the time. This is why there are certain rules on the road that prohibit certain behaviors or ban certain behaviors. For example, cars are not allowed to go under the ...

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San Diego’s Distracted Drivers Are Causing Accidents


We all love getting into our vehicles and using them to get around. We wake up every morning and use them to get to the destination of our job or school to drop off our kids. We choose vehicles that best fit our personality. If we are lucky then we get to choose options like ...

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Teen Causes Family to Lose Multiple Members In One Car Accident


Car accidents happen every day, multiple times day. From fender benders to fatal accidents, if you were to stop and consider the risk you take every day on the road you may never drive again. Let alone, hand your child the keys to a car. So, we don’t think about the risk. We understand that ...

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Dog Attacks Due To Neglect


Dog food and toys are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you have ever enjoyed a walk through a dog park you can tell that all of those dogs are not for wanting. From the small to large, all dogs have their particular kind of needs. For example, the Australian Shepard, with its gorgeous coat is ...

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New “infotainment” technology in vehicles is causing more drivers to become more distracted than ever before. Many believe hands-free devices and dashboard “infotainment” systems are safe because they are provided by vehicle manufacturers, but research shows these technologies lead to the same cognitive distraction and inattention blindness as a hand held device. Nevertheless, because some...

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The California Department of Insurance issued a new regulation prohibiting the use of gender in setting personal automobile insurance rates in California. The Department is mandated to protect California insurance consumers, and the new regulation will ensure that auto insurance rates are based on factors within a driver’s control (such as driving history) rather than ...

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