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Bicycle Safety is for Everyone


Whether we drive cars or motorcycles, bike, or walk, the road belongs to everyone and everyone has a part to play to ensure safety on the road.  Regardless of your mode of transportation, we have a duty to know and follow the law. For example, drivers and bicycle riders must obey all the same rules ...

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Senior Driver Safety


Driving means independence and we all want to continue to drive as long as we can. Senior drivers tend to be among the safest drivers on the road mainly because of their experience and general risk avoidance. However, as we age, some of us may notice changes that affect our driving ability to the point ...

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Citizens Speak Out Against Proposed Chula Vista Dog Park


Dog owners across the country enjoy having a place where they can bring their pets to play with furry peers off-leash. Dog parks offer a fun—and ideally, safe— away for pooches to get a chance to roam around and interact with other dogs. With many cities or county parks not permitting dogs on site, or ...

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Local Semi Truck Collides With Van, Slides Down Canyon


An 18-wheeler crashed into a disabled vehicle in University City, causing the truck to careen sideways and slide down a nearby embankment into a canyon. The van was parked on the shoulder of the highway on Interstate 805 when the large truck collided with it. The owners of the van were not injured, and the ...

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Filing A Premises Liability Claim As An Independent Contractor Injured On The Hirer’s Property


It often happens that independent contractors sustain injuries on the property of the party who hired them. But what does California’s premises liability law say about this situations? It is true that a scenario in which an independent contractor gets injuries on the property of the party who hired him or her usually results in ...

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Uber’s New Safety Feature Can Detect Possible Crashes: Here’s Why It’s Important


Uber is poised to roll out a series of new safety features that could potentially save the lives of their drivers and riders. The ride-hailing company’s reputation has been tarnished by numerous disturbing incidents and crimes, including but not limited to sexual assaults, robbery, assaults, and various violations of privacy. Following a series of damaging ...

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