The Mayor Is Feeling Pressure Over Scooters
Pedestrian accidents are scary and can leave people with more than just physical reminders. At the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno, our San Diego pedestrian accident attorney wants to help you in the aftermath of an incident.
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The Mayor Is Feeling Pressure Over Scooters


2018 was the year of the scooter across many American cities. As scooters have moved in to offer people convenient ways to get around town, so have the numerous reports of injuries. Now, a group in San Diego wants something to be done about it. Safe Walkways, a group in the city concerned about the ...

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Could A Woman Who Died In Custody Have Been Saved?


When Aleah Jenkins was arrested last month for an outstanding warrant she had against her, we know that the last thing her or her family expected was that she would die while in custody. San Diego Police say that Jenkins began vomiting at the scene of the arrest and was nauseous. They say that they ...

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Large Truck Crash Injures Mother And Child


We are learning of a crash that happened in the southbound lanes of Interstate 805 just north of Adams Avenue on December 17. When first responders got to the scene, they saw that a semi truck had stalled on the roadway. A pickup truck was stopped behind the stalled semi when a car slammed into ...

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Motorcyclist Hurt In Mission Valley


Something we see entirely too much of around this are is motorcycle crashes that are the fault of other drivers. That was the case in a Mission Valley crash the other day when a driver in a Lexus was attempting to turn left into a parking lot from westbound traffic. This was one of those ...

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San Diego Roadways Deadly For Our Marines


The men and women who put on the Marine Corps uniform deserve all the respect we can give them. They risk their lives on a daily basis, and not just when fighting the enemy. Their bravery does not stop here at home. We know that because we got the chance to hear the story of ...

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Major Area Cycling Advocate Injured In Crash


Last week, when Roberta Walker went for an early morning bike ride, we are sure the last thing on her mind was that she would get stuck by a vehicle. After all, she is an avid cyclist and does everything she can to stay safe when cycling. Unfortunately, that morning was different and she was ...

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