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What If My Dog Was Bit By Another Dog?


Dogs are mysterious creatures. They can act all lovey one minute and the next they are showing signs of aggression. When introducing dogs into a dog park setting it is important to do so early in a dog’s life like when they are a puppy. Socializing your pet will help the dog understand who is ...

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What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?


California is a big state. There are many treasures to behold, but the one sore spot that’s getting worse is pedestrian accidents. Too many times we see the same story, a pedestrian struck, a pedestrian killed, or a pedestrian seriously injured. When is it enough? Our San Diego pedestrian accident attorneys at Law Offices of ...

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Not All Motorcycle Accident Victims Die


People who choose riskier vehicles should not feel penalized for choosing them. Just because you like to live your life a little closer to the wild side does not mean that you do not deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Our San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno have ...

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Wrong Way Accident Cause More Fatalities


Navigating new city streets can be complicated, especially if they involve one-way streets. No matter what the GPS says it can really hard to understand exactly where the blue arrow wants you to go. If you have your GPS set to speak to you, sometimes the voice is delayed and tells you to turn after ...

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Pedestrian Accident: Who Is At Fault?


Even though pedestrians are the most vulnerable to use a roadway, there are certain rules and regulations pedestrians must adhere to in order to avoid accidents. For example, pedestrians must use crosswalks and follow road signs that tell them when it is safe to walk. The best way to avoid accidents is for pedestrians and ...

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Caltrans Adding Wrong Way Warning System


Driving is a complicated process. You have to check mirrors, speed, directions, stay in the lane, use proper turning signals, get the temperature right, get the tunes right, and resist looking at your phone. This is all if you are driving on a highway. Think about driving in city streets with stop signs and stop ...

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