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If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog then you have the right to sue for compensation for the injuries suffered. Contact our San Diego personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Eugene G. Bruno.
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Who Is To Blame When Dogs Attack Your Dog?


Dogs are special creatures due to their ability to love unconditionally and their ever happy demeanor in the presence of their owners. There are a countless amount of real stories and movies about dogs who traveled through the longest of distances through various terrains just to be with their parents again. This same kind of ...

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Who Is To Blame In An Uber Accident?


Ridesharing is such a popular option than taking a taxi or driving your own car. It makes sense that it is so popular. First, it is easily accessible through an app on your phone. As long as your phone has some charge and data you can find a way to get a car to come ...

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54-Year-Old Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash


We learned that a 54-year-old motorcyclist lost his life on February 8 when a vehicle slammed into him in San Diego. Police say that the motorcyclist was heading north on Broadway when he entered the F Street intersection on a green light. At the same time, a vehicle that was heading the opposite direction on ...

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Husband Of Woman Killed In DUI Crash Speaks Out


The husband of one of the people killed in a recent accident that took the lives of three people is speaking out for the first time. Rey David Velasco Herrera, a 43-year-old man, was the one driving a car that was struck by a pickup truck at Oceanside Boulevard and S. Coast Highway recently. The ...

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Medical Facility Fails Family


When seeking an emergency we depend on so many people. We depend on family members to take the rein or we depend on coworkers doing what they can to cover shifts. We depend on friends and neighbors to stalk the fridge and keep us fed. Emergencies take time, patience, and determination. Emergencies catch us off ...

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San Diego Drunk Uber Driver Crashes Before Pickup


Taxis used to run the cities taking people to and from wherever they wanted to go. Different taxi companies had their own colors and easy to remember numbers that only consisted of one or two digits. The problems with the taxi services were that it started to become really expensive. There was no competition. Then ...

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