Did San Diego Jailers Cause His Death?
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Did San Diego Jailers Cause His Death?


Parents of a 39-year-old who died while in the custody of the county sheriff’s department are suing multiple people and organizations, including San Diego city and county governments and Sheriff William Gore. Paul Silva died in March. His death came weeks after San Diego Central Jail officers confronted him with a stun gun and pepper-spray. ...

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Electric Scooters Will Cause A Public Health Crisis


We already know that San Diego officials have been struggling to find a balance between welcoming electric scooters to our streets and protecting our citizens. Now, a lawsuit filed in California on behalf of nine plaintiffs is really putting the spotlight on scooter safety. The nine people are all victims of scooter injuries. Some were ...

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Despite Past Failures, This Skydiving Company Continues To Kill


A 62-year-old woman was killed in a skydiving accident in California recently after her parachute failed to open. Nina Mason had experience. In fact, she had just complete three jumps, adding to her over 2,500 career jumps. On her last jump, things did not work as planned. She attempted to open her main parachute, which ...

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Bus Crash on the Highway Sends 25 to the Hospital


Do you use a bus on a regular basis? Whether you do or not, one thing you probably expect is for all of the buses on the roadway to be safe. Think about how many buses cross our city on a daily basis and imagine the potential for damage if something goes wrong with them. ...

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A Tree Fell On A Woman, The City Pays $1 Million


This story last month has us questioning the safety of Escondido’s sidewalks. The first incident they highlight is a payout to a woman who was walking with her boyfriend near the De Anza Cove a few years ago when a tree fell on her. It crushed her leg, fractured her spine, and lacerated her face. ...

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A Truck On Top Of A Car – You Have To See It


We usually try to bring you stories from the city, but this is one that has made the rounds on national news and is relevant to what we experience in traffic in San Diego. You may have seen the remarkable photos of the pickup truck that ended up on top of a red car the ...

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