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Pedestrian accidents are analogous to truck accidents in that one party is dramatically larger, heavier and more dangerous than the other, causing collisions to be devastating for the smaller party. When a truck hits a car, however, there is at least a modicum of protection afforded by the structure of the vehicle. With pedestrian accidents, however, the victim has no such buffer from the assaulting vehicle.

When you are left seriously injured after an accident, your priority should be healing, not your injury claim. Police reports, medical records and the accident scene must all be evaluated by a skilled professional. Without legal representation from a skilled San Diego car accident attorney, there is a very real possibility that you will be left without adequate compensation for your injuries.

The Additional Dangers of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles pose an additional danger to pedestrians, as they make little to no noise when traveling at low speeds. Pedestrians who are habituated to checking traffic with both auditory and visual means may be caught unsuspecting by a hybrid.

Children are exceptionally vulnerable to hybrid vehicle accidents, as a child is more likely to accidentally run into a hybrid vehicle's path without hearing the oncoming vehicle. Drivers of hybrid cars have an increased responsibility to the public to ensure that their negligence does not contribute to pedestrian accidents, and yet these accidents continue to occur.

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In most pedestrian accident cases, the driver was proven to be acting negligently, either through inattention, speeding or drunk driving. When any of these is a causal factor in a crash, you need to immediately retain a San Diego auto accident lawyer. As a 20 year veteran of advocating on victims' behalf, Attorney Eugene Bruno possesses the traits and knowledge needed to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

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